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One of Audrey Hepburn's trademarks was her thick eyebrows

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  • Eyebrow Transplant To Thicken Eyebrows 
  • Eyebrow transplant is a very viable option for someone seeking thicker eyebrows due to: 
  • Cosmetic over-plucking Hair loss with age 
  • Naturally thin eyebrows Accident/burn Eyebrow transplant requires follicular unit extraction and the use of nape hair (which is a slow-growing fine-caliber hair that blends with the eyebrows well.
  • Eyebrows can be grafted to give greater density, as well as to replace hairs that may either have been plucked or shaved.
  • Practitioners of body hair transplant are able to enlist leg hair as a donor source if needed, which may be an even better cosmetic.
  • Transplant hair to the eyebrows totally depends on the quality of the hair in the lower back of the head.
  • Off-label use of Latisse for eyebrow thickening is one possibility.
  • New invention is an implanter that  that has totally changed the procedures on eyebrow transplants allowing densely packing the grafts 
  • Eyebrow hair transplant can take up to a year to yield final results.
  • Multiple Causes of Hair loss (alopecia) on eyebrows
  • Board certified dermatologist 
  • Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss
  • Over-plucking can cause thinning eyebrows, 
  • hormonal imbalances from pregnancy and thyroid disease
  • chemotherapy treatment, fungal infections, inflammation from skin disorders such as psoriasis, and autoimmune disorders
  • anti-seizure medicines or anti-depressants
  • Evaluation for a diagnosis and treatment plan 
  • Common cause of eyebrow hair loss is a condition called alopecia areata which is autoimmune. 
  • Treatment with intralesional kenalog injections using a very small needle to a place a dilute steroid solution around the inflammation can be a very effective treatment for this condition and other conditions.
  • may stimulate hair growth within four weeks