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  • Female Hair Loss NYC Treatment Center in New York, NY
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  • Board Certfied Dermatologist
  • Hormonal and molecular factors that may influence female pattern hair loss need to be better defined, including the possible roles of estrogen, estrogen receptor (ER)-beta, aromatase, 5-alpha-reductase, dihydrotestosterone, and androgen receptors,
  •  Senescent alopecia
  • To screen for suspected androgenetic alopecia in women
  • check for menstrual irregularities,
  • infertility 
  • hirsutism 
  • severe cystic acne 
  • galactorrhea
  • virilization. 
  • If none are present, you do not have to do a single hormonal test
  • because it’s not androgenetic alopecia causing the hair loss
  • 212.644.6454