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  • good candidate for the non-surgical nose-reshaping procedure may be affected by the following conditions: 
  • Mild nasal deformities such as an irregular or depressed bridge Flat or concave bridge of the nose 
  • Post-rhinoplasty patients requiring minor corrections 
  • dermal fillers, which are composed of hyaluronic acid, are biodegradable over time but because they are injected into the nasal bridge, which does not move around a lot, the absorption rate is slow, therefore the results of non-surgical nose-reshaping can last up to 12 months
  • understanding and a seasoned artistic eye and ability to achieve the beautiful symmetry and harmony his patients desire
  • non-surgical nose reshaping is also particularly popular among the Asian community
  • seek treatment to enhance a flat or depressed nasal bridge
  • 15 Minute Non-Surgical Nose Job" or "liquid nose job," this procedure uses dermal fillers injected into precise areas of the nose to create, correct, or enhance nasal shape
  • non-invasive treatments rapidly advancing in technology, more people reconsider them in place of surgical cosmetics options due to the downtime, pain, scars, etc. that are often associated with surgical procedures
  • According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, 2013 
  • third consecutive year where the overall growth in cosmetic enhancement was driven by a significant rise in non-surgical procedures
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