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    • The combination of field-directed therapy and cryotherapy reportedly is more effective than cryotherapy alone 
    • Warts can usually be treated with two 15- to 30-second freeze-thaw cycles, depending on the thickness 
    • Experts agree that cryotherapy can be helpful in removing genital warts
    • In some studies, cryotherapy removed warts in up to 90 out of 100 cases
    • warts may grow back
    • More than one treatment may be needed
    • The removal of genital warts may not cure a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
    • Vascular malformations of blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome have been treated with a single 10-second freeze 
    • Cysts and tumors 
    • One 10-second freeze-thaw cycle with a 1-mm margin can be used to treat acne cysts
    • Other lesions One 15- to 30-second freeze-thaw cycle with a 1-mm margin can be used to treat keloids 
    • Cryotherapy of keloids can be done
    • Rhinophyma can be treated with two 30-second freeze-thaw cycles of the entire nose at 4-week intervals
    • Most nonmelanoma skin cancers, such as squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas, should be treated by excision with sufficient margins, by Mohs surgery, or with radiation

  • 212.644.6454