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Welcome to Eczema NYC at Eczema NYC at Eczema NYC Treatment Center in New York, NY headed by a board certified Dermatologist  available for treatment 7 Days a Week

Eczema Treatment Center
  • When moisturizers and antihistamines do not provide adequate relief 

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    • we might recommend a topical prescription or over-the-counter corticosteroid cream to help stop skin inflammation
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Opened 7 Days a week for treatment
    • Skin affected by eczema loses water easily, so treatment involves rehydrating the skin by taking warm (not hot) baths or showers and then promptly applying moisturizers.
    • once it is under control, you can help prevent flare-ups with regular use of a topical steroid.
    • The barrier the moisturizer creates to keep skin hydrated can also keep it from absorbing the medicine in the steroid cream.
    • Dr Gary can help you develop a plan to keep your eczema in check.
    • Medications that suppress the immune system can sometimes help severe cases of eczema
    • Most people can’t help scratching it, which further irritates the skin.
    • Thick creams that lock in the moisture can help a lot
    • Eczema is an itchy rash that’s often hard to get rid of
    • Eczema is often, but not always, related to allergies
    • Be sure to choose creams or lotions without fragrances or preservatives

  • 212.644.6454