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  • The strength or weakness of a jawline can define the attractiveness of a face
  • Perfect Jawline NYC - (212) 644-6454 - New York, NY
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  • well defined neck and jaw line is desirable for facial harmony and balance
  • A weak chin is often accompanied by excess heaviness along the neck and jaw line 
  • Smart Lipo, can add to chin augmentation results by giving a more crisp neck and jaw line
  •  More patients are asking for non surgical chin enhancement than surgical enhancement
  • Fillers from Juvederm, Radiesse ,Voluma and Sculptra  can be used depending on the desired result, and duration of effect
  • When the chin is enhanced to fit the other facial proportions, the results lead to natural facial harmony.  
  • Many  celebrities have a very strong and well balanced jaw lines and  are often viewed as the most  successful and beautiful stars in the world
  • Chin is one of the most treatable parts of the face
  • The least invasive option is to use fillers along the jawline to strengthen your profile
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  • Multiple treatments of ArteFill® can give more permanent results
  • Using fillers is a great way to preview results with the patient and adjusting the amount of augmentation you'd like
  • Dr. Gary will balance your face, not to over-enhance the chin 
  • very quick recovery, the proportions of your face can be greatly improved, and no more loose skin or embarrassing photos
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Balance, Proportion and Harmony Face NYC - (212) 644-644-6454 - New York, NY

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Facial balance is an attainable goal
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  • If it is within the power of Dr Gary to favorably affect facial balance, doing so should be an overriding priority
  • Board Certified 
  • Opened 7 Days a Weeek for Treatment
  • What can be done to preserve or enhance facial balance, harmony, and proportion?
  • This will be answered during consult and examination in any patient  the Doctor sees
  • Dr Gary will offer answers to your questions  when you have a moderate to excessive anterior facial height or any other problems affecting the balance, proportion and harmony of your face
  • If facial balance is to be a reality for patients with these skeletal patterns, many objectives must be met during treatment
  • Sculptor with a gift for envisioning a subtle, personalized transformation
  • If these  objectives are realized during the consult balance and harmony of the lower face should be an attainable goal
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  • Facial fillers are an excellent way to balance the face 
  • subtle fashion and artistically
  • not recommend permanent implants as your facial soft tissues will continue to change as you age